We are music lovers. Our aim is not only to help you sell your music, but also help you promote it and reach new fans. This is what makes our digital music distribution service different. Many artists today make great music, but they do not have the time to work on their digital presence and marketing. That is why we have turned to a model that allows us to focus on this mandatory aspect of the digital music market. Of course, we also rely on the active participation of the artist. Your overall attitude towards your music, stage performance, messages to your audience and the development of your social networks are important for the end result. We are looking for artists that work with us to magnify our efforts, so that we can accelerate their development much more effectively. This also determines our policy of being very selective.


We deliver to all major services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, Deezer, eMusic and many more. We do also give our label clients a chance to apply for acceptance at some specialized service like Beatport, Addictech, Bleep, Boomkat, Wasabeat and What People Play. We do digital music distribution to services in more than 158 countries.

What We Offer

You provide us with the exclusive rights to your music for distribution, meaning we want to work with your whole catalogue and deliver to our entire network of services suitable for it. We deduct our digital music distribution and promotion fee of 10% from your revenue. Additionally, we will withhold 5% of your revenue for your marketing budget and pay you the rest: 85%. This budget will be used to promote your music and you will have access to a detailed report on how it was spent. You can always increase this budget if you want to speed up your development. You can always remove your products after the expiration of the first year of distribution without any termination fees.