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Our innovative model allows you to do business as you like it. In all languages this means to build your own strategy based on proper planning, analyzing and investing. In order to do this we will provide you with very powerful tools: modern technology, advanced online platform and flexible distribution plans. All these will give you freedom to manage and maintain your music in the way you like.
Key Strategy Benefits
Start FREE. Absolutely zero cost. No investment required!
When using Standard Service you will not be required to part with any money, it’s all 100% Free. This is a great way to explore your music potential, especially if you are unsure how well it will be received by the public.
Go for Extended Service. Get more options and deliver better product!
Our Extended Service gives you more options to deliver better product for distribution in accordance with the latest store requirements. Our assistance will help you improve your product data up to higher quality level, where everything is checked in details – metadata, artwork and audio. Plus you get suggestions about your genre, delivery network and territory coverage. Submitting quality data ensures that your product will be very well received by the stores and this will avoid any subsequent changes, which in some cases means a takedown.
Keeping 90% royalties with no cost gives you potential to use more promotional tools
Keeping 90% royalties from your sales and not paying for distribution gives you more freedom to explore other opportunities where to invest. Now you may put your money in real effective tools – promotion and services, which may boost your sales or product quality.
Reach more stores, even the hardest!
Our digital network is vast and ensures delivery to numerous digital stores, stream portals and mobile portals. It is very hard to reach most of them on your own as they have various requirements. Now you may extend your reach globally and get to more specialized portals, even the hardest!
Get extra options with our Extended Service – Digital Links, Availability Check and Automated Re-delivery
Our Extended service gives even more options. You will receive links to your product from up to 10 important stores according to your genre. Post-release date availability check in 20 important stores (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify, 7 Digital, MediaNet, Juno, Beatport,, Traxsource, Nokia, Trackitdown, Last.FM, Deezer, Boomkat, What People Play, Wasabeat, Virgin Mega France and Xbox Music). If the product is not live within 3 days after the release date we will make a re-delivery. All this ensures that your fans will not miss your product, especially in the most important moment – your first months since your release date, when sales are mostly expected.