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20.Jan.2014 » Sell your music online for free
If you are one of the many artists that wish to sell their music online for free you are on the right place. With AMAdea Music you can do exactly that. Our service is completely free and there isn't any start-up of annual fees. And on top of that we are able to offer you 90% of your royalties, we withhold only 10%.
This is a great opportunity for each artist that wishes to see how well its music will sell on the stores.
This will also let you invest your money in something much more important – promoting of your music. Your music won’t be easily spotted among the ocean of music out there and you will need to redirect your fans to the stores.
We are wishing you good luck and a lot of sales.
14.Jan.2014 » How do I get my music or my label on iTunes
How to sell music on iTunes?

If you have recorded your music and it is ready to be delivered to iTunes you can use a digital music distributor in order to do that. You will also need an artwork for your product and it is a good idea to get yourself familiar with the distributor’s requirements and get that ready as well. A good quality artwork is essential for your product overall and we advise to not underestimate the artwork importance.
When you have all that ready you can choose the right distributor for your needs. We at AMAdea Music offer free distribution and you don’t need to pay any start-up or annual fees in order to deliver your music and still we withhold only 10% of your revenue. This is great for not so known artists as they are not sure what amount of sales can expect. You should note that if you don’t make any promoting of your music you shouldn't have high sales expectations regardless of the music quality. There is just too much music out there and your potential fans should be able to find you somehow. As a free tool in this regard it is a good idea to use the power of the social networks. If you invest reasonable amount of time there it will surely pay off.
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