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27.Mar.2014 » AMAdea Music and SoundExchange teamed up to distribute unclaimed digital performance royalties
AMAdea Music and SoundExchange ( teamed up to distribute unclaimed digital performance royalties. These royalties are being sent out to AMAdea Music artists and labels who have not yet signed up for SoundExchange, and who are missing out on monies from satellite radio, Internet radio, and digital cable TV plays.

You retain earning 90% from all royalties collected through SoundExchange!

Soundexchange is the non-profit performance rights organisation that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio, internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for non-interactive streaming of sound recordings. The Copyright Royalty Board, which is appointed by The U.S. Library of Congress, has entrusted SoundExchange as the sole entity in the United States to collect and distribute these digital performance royalties on behalf of featured recording artists, master rights owners (like record labels), and independent artists who record and own their masters.

SoundExchange collects royalties only on the territory of USA. Any broadcast of your music in USA territory will be collected and reported to us and respectively to you.
20.Jan.2014 » Sell your music online for free
If you are one of the many artists that wish to sell their music online for free you are on the right place. With AMAdea Music you can do exactly that. Our service is completely free and there isn't any start-up of annual fees. And on top of that we are able to offer you 90% of your royalties, we withhold only 10%.
This is a great opportunity for each artist that wishes to see how well its music will sell on the stores.
This will also let you invest your money in something much more important – promoting of your music. Your music won’t be easily spotted among the ocean of music out there and you will need to redirect your fans to the stores.
We are wishing you good luck and a lot of sales.
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